Blue Mountains Academy is the gateway to a superior learning experience of a lifetime. ​

We are driven to create a better academic future for our students through best in class affordable education.

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Our students are in the global competition.


Our students are in the global competition.​

International Students
International Students

Our students are in the global competition.


Leading the way for a sustainable future

We are the leading academic institution offering different programs and higher education diplomas that are designed with global requirements in mind. Each year, over 1000+ students graduate from our education group.

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Blue Mountains Academy is the gateway to a superior learning experience of a lifetime. Discover the wide range of courses offered aimed to deliver a Total Holistic Education.

BMA offers a wide range of certificate across a huge variety of study areas.

Get advanced short theoretical education as well as practical understandings on different study areas.

Our Partners, Your Pathway

At Blue Mountains Academy, we provide students with the opportunity to study in Malaysia with the option to further their studies in Australia. The flexibility of pathway programs is hugely attractive. More and more international students are looking to Malaysia for their higher education due to the increasing growth of reputation for research and education. However, students would also like the experience of studying in a premiere destination traditionally known for studies, such as Australia. 

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It is my pleasure to welcome you to Blue Mountains Academy (BMA). In a globally competitive environment, it is vital that you are equipped with the knowledge, skills and abilities to take on the best in the world. Your learning experience during your time with us will have a significant impact on your personal development.

Dato’ Alan Teo — Principal Executive Officer



The premier institution that strikes a balance between cultural diversity and quality education.

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