Check-in to see if you have everything ready for beginning your journey at BMA.

Upon Arrival in Malaysia/Institution

Prior to arrival, students will have to notify BMA the details of their arrival at least seven (7) days before their departure date. The information required includes:

  • Date of arrival
  • Time of arrival
  • Flight number

Officials from BMA will receive them at the Airport Immigration clearance point. Please take note that students will not be able to clear Immigration without the presence of officials from BMA. For ease of Immigration Clearance, please produce the approval letter upon arrival.

Upon arrival in Malaysia, students are required to report to ISO for submission of their passports to get the required Endorsement for their Student Pass from the Malaysian Immigration Department. Students are required to ensure that their passport is valid for at least one year. The entire process takes approximately two (2) months.

Before leaving your home country, organize adequate financial resources for the cost of studying and living in Malaysia. Fees due for the year must be paid in advance in the first year and before the first day of class in the subsequent years.  Failure to pay fees on time may result in the students being barred from classes, examination and access to BMA’s facilities.  Tuition fees vary according to the course you are taking. For fee structure, please refer to your Offer Letter.

Students will need to bring about RM1,000 in cash to cover expenses in Malaysia for the first few weeks. Students should also bring other funds to be drawn in Ringgit either in the forms of a bank draft or via electronic transfer in a bank account in Malaysia. Please take note that bank clearings may take a week for electronic transfers to a month for bank drafts. Please also be advised that it is more convenient to transfer funds electronically when depositing large sums of money into bank accounts. Students will be given more information during the Orientation Program.

  • The Ringgit Malaysia (RM) is the basic unit of exchange. Both paper notes and coins are used.
  • Notes are different in colours and size. Denominations are RM1 (blue), RM5 (green), RM10 (red), RM50 (dark green) and RM100 (purple).
  • Coins vary in size according to the value. Denominations are 50 cents, 20 cents and 10 cents.

It is important to know your own health history. Before departure, please ask your doctor’s advice on the type of medications you have been taking and the immunizations you have been given.  Most importantly, please be aware of the medications that you are allergic to. It is also good practice to have this information in writing in case you become ill while overseas.

Lying between 1 – 7 degrees north of the Equator, Malaysia enjoys a tropical climate. The average temperature is 28°C degrees; however, highland temperature can reach the mean of 18°C.  Annual rainfall is heavy at 2500mm (100 inches). The high humidity level at 80% throughout the year favours light and sweat-absorbent material such as cotton for daily dressing. Generally, Malaysia has two distinct seasons. The dry season occurs during the southwest monsoon from May to September. The northeast monsoon blows from mid-November until March, which brings about the rainy season (monsoon) to the country. The East Coast of the country is best avoided during these times.

Electric supply is on a 240-volt 50-cycle system. Please ensure that the electrical goods from your country are compatible to use in Malaysia.

Before leaving the country, please check to ensure that your passport is current. Passport renewal may take several months. Please be advised to apply for renewal at least two (2) months before the expiry date to avoid any inconveniences.

Students are required to take note of the Expiry Date on their Student Pass and to ensure that it is renewed at least two (2) months prior to that Expiry Date. It is mandatory for the Student Pass to be applied for and renewed through Institution’s International Office. All fines imposed by the Malaysian Immigration Department in the event of late extension or expiry of a Student Pass are to be borne by the student. From time to time, the Malaysian Immigration Department may announce changes to the regulations pertaining to Student Passes and Visas. Students must abide by such changes. BMA will not be held liable should students fail to observe the Student Pass and Visa regulations.

All international students studying at public or private higher education institutions are allowed to work part-time for maximum of 20 hours per week ONLY during semester breaks or holidays of more than 7 days at restaurants, petrol kiosks, mini markets and hotels as long as their students passes remain valid. Please note that approval from the Department of Immigration is required. 

International students are NOT permitted to work as cashier. In addition, in the hotel sector, international students are NOT allowed to work as singers, masseurs, musicians or GROs (Guest Relation Officers). International students are not allowed to engage in any job or activity deemed to be immortal. 

Applications to work part time must be made through the educational institution at which the international students are enrolled. The international students needs to be present with the representative of the education institution at the Immigration Department of Malaysia in order to submit an application for part time work.

International students who have previously applied to any other education institutions in Malaysia must apply to BMA’s ISO at least two (2) months before their programme commencement date. Transfer students will not be allowed to commence their programme prior to getting approval from the Ministry of Higher Education and the Malaysian Immigration Department.

Students who are under the Dependent Pass or Malaysia My Second Home Visa must obtain an official approval stamp on their Passport from the Malaysian Immigration Department. It is the responsibility of the principal holder to apply for such approval from the authorities. Once students reach the age of 18, they are required to convert their Dependent Pass or Malaysia My Second Home Visa into a Student Pass.

It is compulsory for all international students to undergo and pass a health and medical check-up prior to their application for a Student Pass.

Regular attendance is compulsory. It is a regulation of the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education that a student who is absent for three (3) consecutive days without valid reason or prior permission has to be reported to the Police Department and the Malaysian Immigration Department. Action may be taken against the student, including revoking of the student pass and visa.

All international students are subject to the laws of Malaysia. BMA reserves the right to immediately send back to his/her home country if any international student who violates Malaysian laws. International students who are suspected of working illegally in Malaysia will also be deported. All costs of deportation are to be borne by the student concerned.