In an effort to adapt to the new normal, BMA has introduced Blended Learning, where students can enjoy flexibility in their daily schedule.

Blended Learning

With the recent pandemic (Covid-19), our daily lives and activities have been impacted in such a way that going out is no longer a norm. We at BMA understand your worries and concerns. The implementation of blended learning would allow students to have a 100% focus in their studies WITHOUT those concerns.

What Is Blended Learning?

A typical college course follows a regular schedule where students are meant to meet in campus classroom. An online course is typically held online, assisted with learning platforms as a virtual classroom where students can learn, access course materials and submit assignments.

As the name implies, blended learning is where online as well as face-to-face interaction would take place. This provides students the flexibility similar to an online class along with the typical courses in any other college.

With BMA’s blended learning option, classes will take place 30% – 50% through virtual classes for the first few months of a course and the 50% – 70% through on-campus meetings for the remaining months.

For example, blended learning might have a similar class schedule to a typical course but students will have the flexibility option to study and learn from home before resuming courses on campus basis.