ESIP is designed to provide students with access to training and education, at a fraction of the cost.

chef plating a dish
  • Food & Beverage Services
  • Commercial Cookery
  • Early Care & Development

Blue Mountains Academy (BMA) is a leading institution that provides affordable quality educational opportunities for Malaysians and international students to achieve a high level of graduate’s employability. BMA offers Hospitality Courses that focus on ensuring guest safety and comfort in a cruise, hotel, restaurant or entertainment facility. Hospitality management prioritizes guest satisfaction that would lead to the loyalty and repeated business. 

Students in hospitality management frequently have an opportunity to receive hands-on experience in real hospitality organizations. Students apply for employment in hotels restaurants, contract, and food services. They find jobs cruise line, airline, hotel and restaurant personnel.

This course is intended to provide students with a broad range of basic knowledge and skills to embark onto the hospitality or tourism sector. Students will be required to understand the operation and environment of hospitality and tourism business and will have the opportunities to contextualize the contemporary practices in F&B, hotel front office, accommodation and housekeeping services. The course will not only lay a good foundation to students for entering the relevant career but also prepare them for further studies in related discipline.

ESIP is designed to provide students with access to training and education, at a fraction of the cost.

The students who enroll in this programme, will get the best of both quality education, and also industry internship and training for their discipline, thus increasing their employability opportunities after graduation.

• Learn more about the world around you with hospitality industry
• Improve your overall cooking skills
• Give you hands-on experience
• Prepares you for the field
• Flexibility in your career

Monthly Allowance: RM500 – RM700

One (1) month – Theoretical
Eleven (11) months – Practical

1. Students will need to clear the application fee of RM1,100.00 prior to enrolment.

2. Students will also be given a monthly allowance during their commencement of internship.

3. Student will sign a contract which stipulates that they must complete 12 months of practical internship with the employers/internship providers.

4. Students will need to arrange for their own accommodation at their own expense.

5. ESIP core subjects classes will only commence upon the students acceptance into BMA internship partners and commence their internship

  • All students are required to follow BMA internship placement procedures
  • All internship placement will take place in the vicinity of Klang Valley
  • Students are expected to have sufficient funds to pay for their accommodation and living expenses while waiting for internship arrangements

Fees: RM8,400 – sponsored and paid by the internship provider
* Tuition fee is waived. Only pay registration fee at estimated RM1,100

Duration: 1 year

1. Students are not permitted to choose their own internship arrangements or reject the internship which is arranged by BMA

2. All internship arrangements are already being pre-arranged by BMA in accordance to the programme requirements

• Francino’s
• New York Steak Shack
• Hainam Kopitiam
• Revenue Valley Sdn Bhd
• Tony Roma’s
• Manhattan Fish Market

and many more..