Principal's Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Blue Mountains Academy (BMA). In a globally competitive environment, it is vital that you are
equipped with the knowledge, skills and abilities to take on the best in the world. Your learning experience during your time with us will have a significant impact on your personal development. We have the people and the resources to support your journey. At BMA, we focus on the development of our students beyond academics, as we are guided by our belief in “TOTAL HOLISTIC LEARNING”, a unique balance of industry-driven programmes supported by lecturers with industry experience and strive to help our students explore education beyond basic course requirements. BMA is a place where serious students are able to achieve their dreams, not only by obtaining qualifications but life and working skills to succeed. Additionally, our strong partnership with our partner colleges in Australia will give our students an advantage when pursuing the Australian pathway if the student desires. As a student, I assure you that you can look forward to experiencing a variety of learning methods from lectures, seminars, workshops, international teaching faculty, presentations and competitions at the international and national levels. You enter BMA with many hopes and aspirations. We are here to help you work towards achieving them and begin your educational journey to success where you shall start ahead and stay ahead. Again, welcome to Blue Mountains Academy.

Dato’ Alan Teo — Principal Executive Officer